Eastbrook Animal Health Services

Providing Health Care for Your Pet!


Wellness Care

Check-ups for everyone!

We advise coming in at least once a year for a physical exam. Pets age twice as fast as people and even though they may not seem to be sick, a yearly check up is a great way to make sure your furry loved one is feeling their best! The older your pet gets, it may be a good idea to have an exam every 6 months.


Keep them healthy!

There are so many vaccines out on the market today, how do you know which vaccines your pet needs? Simple, let us help you! We do not believe in over-vaccinating any pet. Therefore, we decide what vaccines your pet will need based on what YOUR lifestyle is! No need for an extra poke if your pet doesn't need it!

Class IV Laser Therapy


The K-Laser is a class 4 laser that promotes healing and reduces inflammation and pain on a cellular level. The Laser can be used on acute (sudden) injuries or chronic (long term) conditions such as arthritis or ligament damage. Our veterinarian and veterinary nurses have taken courses and are certified in K-Laser therapy.

Digital Thermal Imaging

A new way to diagnose pain!

This new product is coming soon! We will hopefully be getting it before May. 

Assisi Loop


This new product uses electromagnetic fields to help ease pain. This form of treatment is one of few that is safe to use with pets diagnosed with cancer, who are in pain. It can be used as a treatment at home, done by a pets' owner, and treatment is pain-free and lasts about 15 minutes. Contact us to learn more!


We Love to do Surgery!

Here at Eastbrook Animal Health Services, we love to do surgery! We do everything from spaying and neutering, to mass removals, bladder stone removal, dental cleaning (more on that in a minute!) front declaws, amputations, tail docking, and dewclaw removal. Contact us for more information!

Dental Care

Animals Need Dental Care too!

Did you know that cats have 30 teeth? Or that dogs have 42 teeth? Does your pet have bad breath or tartar build up? We can help with that! Just like people, animals require dental cleanings annually and sometimes even bi-annually. Cleaning their teeth also helps keep their kidneys and heart healthy longer as well. They are placed under general anesthesia and have a full scaling and polishing session completed. Also, if there are any bad/rotten teeth we are able to remove those to give your pet a pain free mouth. Contact us for more information.



Every year millions of lost or abandoned animals are taken to shelters in the US. Many animals are never returned to their owners because of lack of identification. Microchipping is a permanent way to identify your pet, just make sure to register the pet to you! Microchipping is safe, affordable, and easy.

Goats, Rabbits, and Rodents

We love them!

Dr. Margolis is known as 'The Goat Doctor' by many farmers in the area. Dr. Margolis actually has two of her very own goats! They are her pride and joy. While we love our goats we also take care of rabbits, rodents and even a pig here and there! Its important to us to keep all types of animals healthy. Please contact us if you have any questions!



Every now and then we need to see whats going on inside the body to figure out what is going on with your pet. Whether we are looking at bones, bladder, heart or intestines; x-rays give us a ton of information and sometimes answer some of our questions. We have the capability taking and processing your x-rays here.

Flea & Tick Prevention

No unwanted friends!

Fleas and Ticks are so gross! Who wants them living on their pet or in your house and bed? Not us! We offer a variety of different flea and tick preventions. We carry Bravecto (an oral tablet that lasts 3 months); Vectra topical (lasts 30 days); Please call us and we can decide what would best for you and your furry loved one!

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